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It is often difficult to balance high growth rates in immature heifers whilst maintaining good health and immunity status. The heifer must be able to cope with the stressful demands of entering the milking herd.

Micro-nutrients and trace elements can play an important role in ensuring herd health. This balance is often difficult to achieve with conventional feed/minerals.

Research has shown that organically chelated trace elements, where the mineral is bonded to an essential amino acid, can improve utilisation by the heifer. Where major elements in the forage prevail, balancing with Heifer Care® provides the heifer with the necessary levels of nutrients to maintain condition.


Agri-Lloyd Heifer Care

How can Heifer Care® help?

Heifer Care® is a tried and tested, organically chelated trace element and vitamin supplement drench containing the full spectrum of trace elements, vitamins and amino acids.

Heifer Care® can help supply the key nutrients required to maintain health status and build immunity during rapid growth.

Heifer Care® can also help by maintaining immunity and health status by balancing forage based diets, often naturally deficient in Vitamins, Trace Elements and Amino Acids.

In addition, maintaining herd health through a well-balanced diet can help the farmer maintain the heifers appetite, growth and ultimately, fertility.


All replacement heifers should be drenched once every 4-6 months from three months of age onwards up to and including mid/late pregnancy.

‘In-calf’ heifers should be drenched with Cow Care® one month pre-service to maintain fertility.

Calves 3-6 months – 30ml

Heifers 6-12 months – 45ml

Heifers 12-18 months – 60ml


Avoid storage below 5ºC

Avoid excessive heat

Keep out of the reach of children.

Health and Safety Information

As far as is known there are no health or usage hazards associated with the feeding of this product. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

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