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Agri-Lloyd provide industry leading audit services as part of our evidence based approach to ruminant health and nutrition. Our services are conducted by our own Research and Development team and provide broad spectrum analyses with individually tailored reports.

Forage Audits
  - Pre-cut Grass
  - Grazing Grass
  - Grass silage
  - Big Bale Silage
  - Wholecrop Silage
  - Maize Silage

Our forage audits include dietary components, accredited by the Forage Analysis Assurance (FAA), nitrates (pre-cut grass sample only) and mineral and trace elements analyses.

Rumen Audits
  - Beef Rumen Audit
  - Dairy Rumen Audit

Agri-Lloyd rumen audits analyse rumen stability (digestive health) and can provide an insight into feed efficiency. Rumen efficiency is critical for feed conversion to energy to support milk production and live weight gain. The audit can also identify health problems such as sub-acute ruminal acidosis.

The audit will be performed by our team and involves evaluating the animals’ general appearance and behaviour and then taking representative samples of manure. We then wash the manure through on farm and examine the samples for key indicators of digestive health such as undigested grains and long fibres.

Our services are all provided by our network of Independent Agents and Dairy Specialists who will visit your farm to conduct the audit. Once your samples are received by our Research and Development team, we will return your reports to you within 48 working hours, or 24 working hours for our pre-cut grass service.

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Agri-Lloyd is one of the few companies in the UK and Ireland to boast a comprehensive range of industry accreditations

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