The Secret's in the Science®

About Us

Agri-Lloyd has been at the forefront of ruminant nutrition for thirty years and is recognised as one of the few real specialists in this field, with modern custom built production facilities. Our success can be explained simply - technically superior products backed up by Independent Trial work and supported by a highly trained sales team.

Acquired in August 1998 by Tangerine Holdings Ltd, Agri-Lloyd is now the cornerstone of a group of companies supplying unique and innovative nutritionally inspired products to the professional livestock farmer.

There had always been a market for nutritional drenches but until Liquithrive® was introduced in 1987, they accounted for only a small percentage of the total mineral market. Today, Agri-Lloyd products, including market leading brands such as COW CARE® and Liquithrive® are used by farmers, breeders and vets as part of their everyday management programmes.

The range of organic chelate drenches, trialled and proven by ADAS, SAC and some of the world's leading Universities and Colleges, set the company apart as market leaders in the fastest growing area of ruminant nutrition. Manufactured to the highest international standards, these products are now exported to the world's major livestock producing countries.

Agri-Lloyd can provide Research and Trial work unmatched by its ever-increasing number of competitors. Competitors claim their products are 'the same as Agri-Lloyds but cheaper'. This is a claim that Agri-Lloyd could never make because the products are neither cheap nor the same as anything else. These market leading products are of super premium quality and deliver great results time after time.